BloodyFast mobile app
Global app for local safety


Personal safety app to convert every smart phone in

the world into the most powerful life-saving device

to save millions of lives in ANY dangerous situation

App can be demonstrated any time in personal meetings

 Any person using a smart phone in the world is our customer

Market size and revenue model

TAM ( World ) : 3.5 billion smart phones and growing

SAM: ( India ) : 350 million smart phones and growing 

We begin with only India to solve just one problem of blood shortage

but we have geared up our app to solve many global problems later

We have drastically improved upon world's largest blood donors' app by

adding amazing new features and made it more user friendly and powerful.

Now we do not consider it as our competitor anymore

1) It can never be manufactured and must be donated live
2) Massive 400 % shortages of blood all over India and in many countries
3) Not even 1% population donates blood but everyone wants it
4) Unpredictable demand that may arise any moment
Massive target audience who needs blood and there is no alternative
1) Pedestrians / Cyclists / Vehicle riders of all types : Danger of road accidents 2) Pregnancy / Chemotherapy / Cancer operations / Various types of surgeries Transplant operations / Devastating man-made and natural calamities
You never know what will hit you and you may need blood urgently
Please click on icon on right to know about our blood insurance policy 
How is it handled now?
1) Directly by blood banks and related hospitals and apps
2) Vast majority of blood is collected in camps by NGOs and social workers
all over India mostly through social media like WhatsApp, Facebook etc
All mobile apps and WhatsApp has created total mess and boosted corruption
Our 1300 WhatsApp groups arrange at least 200 bags of blood every day which is most inefficient and uncontrolled way to arrange blood
How we shall handle it? Shift all thousands of blood requests and blood donation camps from WhatsApp to our most efficient and best mobile app in the world.
We have developed our app after studying various apps  and by removing all lacunae
Please click on Youtube icon to see how we arrange blood now.

Why do people need our app?  


Unpredictable threats to overall health and daily survival of life.

1) Massive shortages of blood and organs for various types of surgeries.

2) Rising number of deaths in road accidents world over.3) Spread of deadly

diseases and failure of vital organs. 4) Rise in harassment and rapes of women

5) Rising criminal activities in society 6) Natural and man-made calamities creating havoc that causes mental stress for the people all over the world  


World is eagerly waiting such life-saving mobile app yet not available

Background work for last 5 years  before launch of app: Created our own 1300 WhatsApp groups and networked them with thousands of social workers from various states of India and we arrange at at least 200 to 300 bags of blood EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Closely working with  with famous experts in Road safety, disaster management,blood-skin-eye-body and organ donation etc for designing various features in the app



Few main features out of many to solve major global problems

1) The best blood request generation to get blood in emergency

2) The best blood donation camp organiser feature of event management

3) Automatic lock-screen image that may save lives in road accident and instant calls to family members by police to inform them about accident and complete reduction of organs wastage if victim dies in ICU after accident

4) The best mega search to find doctors / hospitals / Blood banks / ambulance NGOs / Police / Fire / Local politicians / Funeral services / medical labs etc 

5) SOS alarm for women in any dangerous situation anywhere outside home

6) Double medicine alarm : one for old patients at home who forget taking their medicines and second alarm on your phone when you are at office outside


Please click on link on right side to know about customer feedback

2 more amazing secret features for future are ready to demolish copycats.

We seek 300,000 USD ( 20% equity) for first one year of operation


We need to have our own office / app developers and social media marketing teams and  we shall develop more revenue generating innovative apps

Revenue generation begins after first year and by end of 2nd year we shall be generating profits to sustain independent operation that will grow globally by

Viral nature of various features supported by social media promotion

Additional revenue can be generated by launching our novel insurance policies that do not exist and possible tie-up with insurance companies in every country who will be exclusive user of our app in a particular country. Affiliate marketing

of safety related products and services at later stage.


All new apps in pipeline are fully ready conceptually to be developed immediately.

Profitability ( Worst success ) Approx.fugures


TAM ( Global) : 3.5 billion smart hones and growing 

SAM and SOM just for India : 350 million smart phone and growing

We can easily get 1 million downloads / 300,000 registered users out of which

only 100,000 paid users ( Rs.200 ) are needed to get gross revenue of 300000 USD

which is possible at the end of 2nd or 3rd year depending on burst campaigns


Free for blood donors and paid for other users who are not blood donors


Focus on paid customers and minimum cost of acquisition per user


Every member will add at least 10 members and there is no limit to add friends

to save their own life in various features in the app.

We have 10000 downloads and 2300 registered users but users have added 7000 friends. We expect each member and every feature to add hundreds of new members

Where are we now?


We are still in the process of improving our app and wish to modify  the

registration process and internal navigation based on user feedback after

10000 downloads and 2300 registered users and excellent user feedback.

As funds are exhausted over last 5 years. we need funding to go ahead


BloodyFast app was presented to Hon.Union transport minister Mr.Nitin Gadkari,

Padmashree Dr.T.P.Lahane, Director of medical research in Maharashtra.Mr.Zope of Bharat forge, Pune. We received a very encouraging feedback with promises to help at government level after the launch of the BloodyFast app.

We are one of the finalists in an All India startup ( MSF) competition and applied for Ycombinator / UN ( Global innovation exchange) / Surge etc

In the process to contact various state governments in India for official tie-up and use for the all state government employees

Plan for the future once we are profitable
1)Crowd-funding for families of martyred soldiers/ poor patients
2)  Affiliate marketing of safety products and services  
3) Set up the chain of BEST blood banks and dialysis centers
4) Start our own insurance company to market innovative policies
5) Security guards/medical staff on call in emergency
6) Crowd-funding for families of martyred soldiers and very poor patient's surgeries
7) Appointment of paid social workers in each district for raising public awareness 

Appreciating solutions Pvt.Ltd.

Mumbai ( India )

Let us join hands and achieve something far bigger together which will be beyond the

scope and imagination of even a Hexacorn

Let us meet BloodyFast


Ajit Vahadane / +91-9821656016

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