Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) : Saving lives at risk anywhere

Moonshot : Save at least 1 million lives every year from untimely deaths by year 2030

Mission : To convert every smart phone in the world into the most powerful 
life-saving device.

Vision : Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam ( World is a family )

Value :  Compassionate, Responsible and loving Global family


Market size and revenue model
TAM ( World ) : 3.8 billion smart phones and growing ( 2021 figure)
SAM: ( India ) : 346 million smart phones and growing ( 2021 figure )

Massive growth is expected when 2G ,3G and 4G will be phased out 

We begin with only India to solve just one problem of blood shortage ( World's
worst blood shortage ( 400% ).It is a grave problem in more than 100 countries

We have geared up our app to solve many global problems later

We need just 100000 paid customers to be profitable.We have at least 5 amazing features for which customers will be ready to pay Rs 200 each. We are asking for
all 5 features at Rs 200 per year which will be a steal for customers

Any person using a smart phone in the world is our customer

Two Global apps ( Performing arts and Personal communication ) ready for development


BloodyFast will be totally free for first 3 months of trial period
1) Payment within first month : Rs 200 per year
2) Payment in second month : Rs 300 per year
3) Payment in third month : Rs 500 per year
4) Payment after 3 months : Rs 1000 per year

We expect customer to pay within first month of the free trial period There are 5 extremely
attractive and useful features for which customers will be ready to pay Rs 200 per feature.
We are offering all 5 for Rs 200 per year

Entire focus is on designing features that will go viral through mouth to mouth publicity
to keep CAC to minimum and customers must drive our mobile app


Our mobile app is a multi-featured life-saving app with focus on blood and organ donation along with road safety and disaster management.

Apart from ordinary citizens,
we seek tie-ups with following ministries of various governments to save millions of lives worldwide.

1) Insurance / Finance ministry for jointly promoting blood and organ donation insurance policies as proposed by us.These policies do not exist now. Click for details  at ( Massive profit is possible )
2) Health / Transport ministries to save people's lives in road and other accidents
3) Assist government's 
disaster management teams and home ministries for mobilizing masses at local or national level at the time of massive calamities 


1) All blood donation apps are struggling to survive.None is making profit

2) Blood is arranged by various social media groups, NGOs, Blood banks.
There is massive corruption, mismanagement and mess due to social media

3) We have studied best of the mobile apps including World's biggest mobile app which are full of loopholes- We have vastly improved upon all of them
now we do not consider any one of them as our competitors

4) We have roped in thousands of social workers in blood-organ donation, road safety and disaster management in various states of India for relaunch of our app once we set up or own team of app developers and social media experts

Permanent team : Our late parents


Suryabhan Vahadane
Full time social worker
Ex.Member of parliament


Susheela Vahadane
Full time social worker
Celebrated teacher


Temporary team


Ajit Vahadane
Full time social worker
Student for life and
Indian artists network


Vijay Vahadane
Full time social worker
Independent President
Kopargaon municipality




Smita Vahadane will take over BloodyFast after us.She is MBA in communication and works for Tiktok (London) 

Plan for the future once we are profitable

1) Crowd-funding for families of martyred soldiers/ poor patients

2)  Affiliate marketing of safety products and services  

3) Set up the  BEST blood banks ,dialysis centers and transplant operation theatres
4) Start our own insurance company to market innovative insurance policies

5) Security guards/medical staff on call all over the world in emergency situations

6) Appointment of paid social workers in each district for raising public awareness 

Shortlisted in first round for 
"Shark Tank India" show on Sony TV

Finished 8 weeks training with
Startup school of Y Combinator

Now undergoing training under mentor
from Purpose Alliance
for the exponential growth.


If you wish to know more,

please see the detailed investment pitch at

BloodyFast app has been suspended after 10000 downloads and 2300 registered users for making changes based on customer survey but can be demonstrated any time in a personal meeting with investors

You can see the highly encouraging customer survey here


Appreciating solutions Pvt.Ltd.

Mumbai ( India )

Let us join hands and achieve something far bigger together which will be beyond the

scope and imagination of even a Hexacorn

Let us meet BloodyFast


Ajit Vahadane / +91-9821656016