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Indian artists network's KONADA art movement

Updated: Sep 21, 2020


Konada means a box within the wall to keep anything 

I saw the big such boxes within the huge 1000 feet long wall of Poddar hospital in Worli area of Mumbai city.

Artists have no huge choices to display their art and reach art lovers

People do not have teste for creativity and aesthetics for various reasons so overall love and appreciation of creative arts is too low.

We can change both with this Konada Art movement.its a matter to hard work at initial stages of this novel project.

We can have this term imprinted into history of art world.

Within few years we can create our own thousands of art galleries on walls of thousands of cities in whole country

we need not beg and request art galleries for displaying our art.We can have our own by our own artists without begging anyone.

its a matter of living with Dignity and increase the awareness in society to sell our art directly to them bypassing all cruel practices of art dealers and art galleries who simply exploit artists and behave have as God when basically they are simple budinessmen out to make money..nothing wrong..we can have our own world without depending on these exploiters..Few are great but most are crooks.

How many poets can afford  publish their poetry? even after publishing it how many copied are sold and who reads them? a negligible number.Almost 1 lakh rupees goes into publishing a book of poetry.Why not  buy 8ft by 4 ft high class granite and itch or emboss or print or stick the poetry on it? What to do with it?

Konada art movement has the answer.Dance or theatre or sculptures.. etc  may come later 

Here what we shall do to create thousands of art galleries of our own in all parts of the country.

Approach  builders,contractors  architects, government authorities etc collectively or individually.Have a planned meeting with them to get  roadside walls of societies or malls or office complexes get walls modified so there are boxes of various sizes within walls where we can display our paintings or display granite slabs with poetry.These boxes can be closed not with glasses but with high density plastic transparent sheets which are not breakable even with heaving hammer banged on it.Boxes can be allotted to artists ..can be under lock.If you work on these boxes..they can highly impressive mini galleries which do not need 24 hrs attentions and locked boxes keys remain with artists who can visit as and when they wish.Your name and contact numbers will be displayed professionally with your art work in the same box so people can contact you if they wish to buy your art works..Make these display walls so beautiful that it becomes a evening walking spot for families. Lots of new ideas will come up once we start just one lovely KONADA GALLERY in your city.Thousands will emerge in few years who will sustain poor artists who can sell n live with Dignity without begging art galleries.

I can visualize fantastic impressive walls of various buildings with KONADA gallery on them

People don't go to art galleries is a common complaint but let's take our art to them .Make the acesss to art more easy.Let people with our artists .This is how creative arts will flourish.You can do it and whole world can follow our KONADA ART MOVEMENT.Art galleries are bothered about artists who they think can not make money for them.Lets create our own KONADA ART GALLERIES all over the country.

Pothole covers are so dirty with no sense of creativity ..Sculptors can take this as a challenge and create fantastically designed pothole metallic covers which will beautiful footpaths and people will appreciate it.

These are just initial thoughts and artists in Mumbai may start this project at Worli where there is a huge lovely wall  of almost 1000 feet with boxes already in it.

Let's see

Don't wait for Mumbai.Have meeting of artists in your own to municipalities ..get walls allotted or get them ready in a way that is convenient for display.get sponsors if needed or negotiate some commission on sales of art sold through these street KONADA art galleries..let's do it.

No will help artists community in a big way..Let's rise ourselves to create something ever lasting so we can sell art without help of crooks or middleman 

Wishing you all the best

Ajit Vahadane


Indian artists network 


Thousands of highly talented and hardworking artists everywhere are struggling to survive despite of their amazing creativity.What is the solution afterall?

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Ajit Vahadane
Ajit Vahadane
Sep 21, 2020

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