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Mother India - The ultimate savior of Humanity


Your ancient background and core DNA decides what you are today.

Indian ancient culture is deeply rooted in SEARCH of unknown in order to find out who we are, what is the purpose of our existence and what enriches this mortal Human existence in order to sustain it for generations to come and establish an atmosphere of love, peace and prosperity for all. Philosophical core of ancient India deserves to be the guide and teacher for the entire Humanity in this present atmosphere of violent competition to achieve illusionary supremacy that can never be achieved. Powerful entities are perverted by the idea of controlling Humanity by converting nations into their own religious faith

Ancient cultural superiority does not grant India any privilege to be a corrupt and undisciplined society and at same time great ancient cultural values and philosophies don't get dented or negated just because of this modern Indian society is wrong in many ways and troubled by many complex issues like corruption now a days

This is the culture that sprang up on river banks and agriculture being the main source of existence and peaceful atmosphere being the core of existence, its prosperity ( 27% of the GDP of the world in seventeenth century before arrival of British looters and richest country in the world at that time ) ) lead to their search for Truth and God. Creative aspects of life such as art and crafts, dance and music, research and philosophy, architecture and science etc etc flourished for ages in order to impart meaning to mundane acts of life. This was all done in their quest for understanding SELF and TRUTH

Every animate or inanimate thing or life is a part of God. and Human life must preserve all types of relationships that sustain Humanity. This is the core that makes them different from the West. Advaita Vedanta unifies every aspect of Human life and reject nothing even if it deviates from the established principles.

Freedom of spirit is at the centre of all philosophies that sprang up in India. It believes in principle that freedom of spirit can never be controlled by any force on earth.

One Book - my book / One God - my God / One prophet - my prophet has completely killed the spirit of freedom and compressed the eternally enormous concept of God into a tiny and narrow minded selfish philosophies which force Humanity to be uniform in their faith

which is completely contrary to the very existence of freedom of spirit.

Indians accepted every divergent view of any philosophy and thus has a wider appeal.

In India you can accept God or reject it. Criticize it or denounce it. Every view is fine and accepted in principle. You may even say I am God and that is OK too and you may establish any new religion or philosophy - There is no one to intimidate you or force you or kill you just because you think differently than established views of life or God.

There are millions Gods, thousands of religious books and hundreds of Saints. You are free to choose any one of them or all of them or reject all completely. You are at the center of decision making in your own life. Everything is there for you to guide you but ultimate decison to accept or reject any philosophy is your own descrition

Human behavior is similar all over the World-India is not an exception with all its limitations. Then the question is can we find some philosophy which may sustain us?

This comparison is not to defame or under-estimate any culture but to look at the facts of life and come to some conclusions

Western culture is comparatively recent as compared to Sanatana Dharma and deeply rooted in violence, religious conversions, grabbing lands, killing natives. Initially for own survival and later for monstrous dreams of dominance and control of the entire Humanity.

When western people were hunting animals for survival and knew only roasting and boiling,

Indians were using exotic spices for vast varieties for taste, nutrition and medicinal values

When Wild west was busy in eliminating native cultures of occupied lands, prosperous and religious Indian artisans were creating masterpieces of temples as offerings to the Gods

When westerners were busy hurting others, Indian Ayurveda and other medicinal sciences and surgeries were being performed to cure or heal the pains or diseases of the people

Their comparatively recent love for peace, justice, freedom and Democrazy seems so unnatural and mis-matching to their basic nature of cheating, fooling, exploiting and cunning diplomacy to make profit from every conflict and crisis in the world-World is a market and every human being is a customer for Western powers

Indian Research in all fields of life was driven by quest to serve Humanity while Western research was driven by profit and business

Yes we are World's most populous country and powerful too but to serve the Humanity and not to kill or convert people. Our strength is in service to every nation in crisis and make them capable to stand up on their own strength

Mother India is here to change the course of insane World politics to bring all nations to the path of service

What is the real source of Western nations' fear? Pure jealousy or inferiority complex ?.Why are you destabilizing India by supplying funds to all anti-national forces?

Mother India wants every country in the world to be rich & prosperous so all of us together can serve other countries in trouble to save them

Power and strength does not mean exploitation, enslavement , bribery, religious conversion ,cunning selfish diplomacy or killing others for meaningless world supremacy

Service to Humanity is the ultimate proof of Power and strengths

Let Indian philosophy lead the world ,not these monster powerful Governments ! Ordinary people are helpless in all countries

All wild and cruel World powers are at the throats of each other and trying religiously convert nations or economically wreck them or physically eliminate them or grab their land forcibly or militarily attack them or diplomatically blackmail them in order to realize their dreams of controlling whole Humanity. How long this maddening game will go on?

When shall we come to our senses to see the truth that the fire you ignite can engulf you too and a dangerous nuclear move by a fanatic government run by monsters can destroy all of us on earth forever ?

What our hardworking forefathers of masses of every nation have built over generations, will be burnt into ashes in one single day by mistakes of few blind fools

The real saviors of the world are peace loving and peace-practising (not preaching) religions like Hindus , Buddhists Jain's, Sikhs, Parsis, Sufis, Ahmedias etc are on sidelines watching helplessly this cruel drama of world dominance

Come to senses! Renounce jealousy and ask your soul. Who should lead the world to give a new direction to existing cunning politics of exploitation and take it to the path of service and prosperity of the whole world ?

You can never miss the obvious answer...our Mother India. We have capacity and and will to forgive you and take care of you- the perpetrators of injustice, cruelty, and exploitation in the world

Let Mother India lead the World as she is born to serve the Humanity and all her children ( nations ) will be taken care of by her as her own kids and live peacefully forever


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