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Organ donation: You must know these facts.

This article has been specially written for ordinary people who know nothing about medical science and the medical terms in the article.Lack of public awareness is the root cause of all types of donations and shortages as well as any other social problem.Our mobile app has a special Reading room feature specially created for raising public awareness and heighten their curiosity to know more about the subject

India's position in world ranking for organ donation is shamefully low and lakhs of patients whose organs have failed die because they can not get organs from dead patients.To know the GLOBAL STATISTICS please click here

In this article you can click on terms you do not understand and that will take you to various famous websites where you can go into more details to know more detailed information

There is tremendous amount of information is available on net about all aspects of organ donation.We shall only mention those facts which many people just do not know.

1) The person who wants to donate organs must die in the ICU of the hospital that too it has to be a certified BRAIN DEATH.Organs can not be donated and harvested if the person dies at home or on road or even in the hospital for any reason like heart attack or illness or accident etc. Brain death in an ICU of the hospital is MUST.

2) In medico legal cases of deaths like murderous attack or doubtful accident etc police permission is needed for removing organs after brain death in ICU.Even after removing the organs, still post-mortem is compulsory to point out the cause of death

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