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Respect every blood donor: The only way out till blood insurance policy is announced

This is my article for minimizing Blood shortages in India till Blood Insurance Policy is in place by some reputed Insurance Companies like Life Insurance corporation of India ( LIC )

I have proposed a detailed Blood Insurance Policy in my another blog here below this blog post. It may take some time for any Insurance Company to launch such policy but this article is about urgent steps that need to be taken before the launch of such Insurance Policy by some reputed insurance  company like LIC etc.If all concerned decision making individuals / Govt.authorities try their best then it is possible to minimize the shortage of blood. 

Following issues are pending for years and they are mostly concerned with Government.

*1.* Misplaced priorities of Government regarding health and blood supply in particular.

*2.* Wrong priorities lead to shortage of funding in budget allocation....

*3.* Misuse,corruption or wastage of whatever funding is available...

*4.* Lack of implementation of policies/ rules/disciplinary actions against violators.....

*5.* Lack of initiative by government and its officials...

*6.* One alternative is to declare Blood as  a commercial commodity and allow its business.

This is completely ruled out as this is illegal but the real fact is that the business of blood is flourishing without any fear of law. We love doing business of blood and make profit out of it but ashamed to openly accept it as we have declared ourselves as Deshbhakt social workers.

I have personally gone to Gate no.1 of Safadarjung Hospital in Delhi and witnessed massive business of blood and exploitation of patients and their relatives which is going on 24 hours.

Shameless Politicians of no party are interested in stopping this in the capital of our country.

Let us not talk about this right now.We can go into details if there will be no 'Blood Insurance Policy' in future.Let's talk about the steps which can be taken to minimize the blood shortage

These are following main reasons for this condition which can be reversed 

*1.* Public awareness campaigns by Government,NGOs and corporates have completely failed to inspire even 1% of the population of the country to donate blood voluntarily.


*A.* We must allocate more funds for public awareness campaigns through CSR schemes.

*B.* Apart from traditional way of advertising and PR, we must devise innovative ways to reach masses and inspire them to donate blood voluntarily into the nearest blood bank on regular basis and not just when there is an emergency situation 

*C.* More creative campaigns can be designed by engaging experts for all types media. Misconceptions, misleading information etc may be corrected in these public awareness campaigns apart from stressing on the importance of voluntary blood donation and it's benefits to country and the health of individual blood donors

More creative campaigns can be designed by engaging experts for all types media. Misconceptions, misleading information etc may be corrected in these public awareness campaigns apart from stressing on the importance of voluntary blood donation and it's benefits to country and hour health.

Each of these factors can be discussed in details in actual personal meetings.....

*Factor of DESHBHAKTI is not sufficient enough to inspire youth to come forward and donate blood voluntarily by going to blood bank on their own to donate blood.*

Our young generation of our country remains reluctant to donate blood voluntarily for following main two reasons 

1) Media articles and stories of exploitation by blood banks and hospitals ( Government related ) 

2) News about wastage of blood for various proper or improper reasons( Government related ) 

Everyone concerned is fully aware of these points no.2 and 3 above.We can discuss later. 

The main reason for writing this article is 

Harassment, exploitation and neglect of blood donors when they need blood themselves and visit the blood bank.

There has to be a well defined code of conduct for blood banks and their staff regarding regular or any other blood donor who donates blood on his own to save people's lives.


I have discussed this matter with chiefs of 2 major blood banks and they have agreed that not even 0.5 % blood donors go back to ask blood for themselves.  

  The rules and conditions to give free blood to blood to blood donors can be discussed but condition will never improve if blood donors are not respected and honored. 

There is no business in the world where raw material of the business is available free of charge.All blood banks are into blood business and not to serve the society.

There is nothing wrong in making profit but shamelessly saying "we are here to serve the country" and keep on exploiting people and charging unacceptable fees to make profit is an unacceptable game. People are helpless and this situation is exploited by all parties concerned. 

2) There has to be a priority,respect and preferential treatment for blood donors in hospitals and blood banks when they visit for their own requirement or for for helping some one else 

We can discuss this matter in details.

Please suggest changes or point out mistakes. Please send me email to improve on the proposal for blood donors 

Thanking you 

Ajit Vahadane 


 Asso.of International Motivators 

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Ajit Vahadane
Ajit Vahadane
05 באוק׳ 2020

It seems that readers of the bog can not add comments here --Reason is you must add your email and password to add the comment--please do the needful so you can log in OR you may send me your opinion to my email address

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This ia fantastic job Ajit Sir but I would also share my experience here regarding group health insurance policy specially community health policy which govt has abolished because some specific reasons further I want to again restart these policy for poor people as well as middle class family with very low premium.

I have total 15 years experience in hospital industry how gujju indulge this type of policy inspite their financial status is strong

Kindly think on that I hope you will consider all of this matter

Thank you

Sumedh Jadhav

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