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What is the real purpose of creative arts?

Updated: Oct 5, 2020


When I decided to write about this topic, I realized how complex it is to define creativity.

There are so many definitions if you search the net.

I realized that life and creativity are just 2 titles of the same entity which is unified.

Advaita vedanta reinforced and enlightened some of the dark and blurred lanes of thinking.

Here is my personal take on creativity that is trying to convince myself.Not the whole world.

I will be referring to general trend and not exceptions that always exist in any creative field.

For me, creativity basically is nothing but an attempt to impart meaning into our simple acts, relationships and situations in life.

This attempt may take many shapes.It may include many creative acts but they are not just limited to visual or performing arts like dancing,writing,music, acting,paintings,sculptures etc. Even an individual with no connection with society can be extremely creative in his life along with socially well connected social workers and political leaders.Reach of creativity has no limits as they are not bound by limited abilities of humans.

It is an eternal evolutionary process of Mother nature.

Purpose of creative arts and purpose of life are so eternally intertwined into each other that we simply can not separate them.  If Mother nature's creativity has some well intended and clearly defined purpose or not is a debatable issue forever but one fact is clear that Human life and nature surrounding it has to be stable, peaceful and healthy to survive happily together. No one will disagree with this purpose of life but what is happening in real life is contrary to this basic belief.

When i refer to any creative arts, I am just basically talking about life in general and not about any particular creative act or creative artist in particular.

The creativity originates in our desire to express our inner feelings and thought process.It may take many shapes and you need not be so called creative artists like a dancer or a singer or a painter. Enjoying the process of  creating "Something so called creative"  is a matter of personal happiness.Entire purpose of art is completely achieved once you give final touches to your art.Here ends the process and purpose of creativity.

Now it is time to begin the  business of creativity. If someone wishes to add more commercial meaning to it, how can we stop them if the very purpose of life is adding value to your acts, relationships and situations?

Philosophers may oppose such commercialization of creative acts but un-fortunately vast majority of masses are not saints or philosophers. Such rare souls may not have greater needs in life for survival but masses are craving for commercial success to acquire more and more wealth,fame,influence and power to satisfy their real or fake ego.

We assume that there is nothing wrong about commercialization of creative arts specially when that commercialization is intricately linked to survival of creative artists and their families.This can be a very just and admirable purpose of art in any field.

Now question arises about who can decide the limits of commercialization? No one except International mafias can.It is a very sad situation where number game of majority in democracies are exploited to the hilt to plunder the masses of their wealth.Fundamental democratic philosophy never imagined a situation where creative thugs are in majority and hijack very essence of democratic process.We are still fortunate that crooks and mafias can not enter the actual functional areas of research in science and technology but they may still manipulate the leaders in these areas.

Competitions, awards, auctions, felicitations are all part of commercialization of creativity and nothing to do with basic creativity as such.The goal and purpose is completely achieved when art work is created and process of creation is enjoyed.Rest is all business.

Now let us talk about masses and creative artists themselves.

Masses are in awe with their real or fake and famous  idols portrayed by mass media as giants by blowing them out of proportion. Masses love to get fooled even when they are fully aware of the real lives of their heroes in any field.That is a very tragic fact of life.

Under-estimating our own potential that can take you to the pinnacle of creativity is a hallmark of masses around the world.That is the biggest issue.In stead of trying to achieve greatness ourselves, we are happy to praise the fake or otherwise glory of others.

Let us come to general creative artists who are a vast majority in each field .We are not talking about exceptions which exist everywhere.

The so called creative artists like painters, singers,dancers, film stars, writers, political stars, businessmen, sports stars,social workers  etc live in their own world of arrogance and superiority complex and masses do not mind that at all. They are blind followers of such personalities.They think they are superior to ordinary people and try to prove it at every possible opportunity. Fact is that there is absolutely nothing to be proud of.Jealousy, competitions, hatred and defaming each other goes on and on for whole of their life-time.

If these so called "Creative artists" who are blessed with wealth, fame and influence can not be generous, humane and humble, then who else can be? Expecting masses to be generous and humble all the time is not fair for the whole Humanity.

There is nothing wrong to be commercial about our creativity to earn livelihood and sustaining families but then once you achieve wealth, fame and influence, it is expected that this creative clan in each country should strive hard to nurture the atmosphere of acceptance, co-existence and co-operation worldwide. Networking and empowering all organizations and individuals to establish peace in whole world and oppose violence of any type anywhere in the world should be the REAL PURPOSE of any creative activity during the peaceful times in any country.

The  atmosphere of peace and prosperity can only encourage the creative artists ( including politics and masses) that enrich any culture of every country.When massive revolutions happen, mass scale of violence occurs, deadly wars break out and whole country is under shadow of fear and death, who is interested in attending an exhibition or see a dance programs or attend a sermon of the politician or a saint?

Forget the world peace, just for their own selfish survival, it is an eternal duty of creative artists to promote peace and non-violence during normal times of peace so that Humanity is not pushed towards wars,violence and revolutions which leads to atmosphere of massive death and destruction everywhere.

If so called "creative force" can not be the biggest Humane and spiritual force of each country then who else can be more creative than them? Almost no one.There is nothing wrong in enjoying privileges bestowed upon you by masses but you can not run away responsibility towards society too who sustain your existence.

Cultural identity of the nation

It is widespread and deep rooted misconception that the so called Creative artists in various fields are only the ones who give cultural identity to a nation.

This is far from the truth.

Masses are never considered as contributors to cultural identity. The fact is that masses are responsible for creating these cultural icons in any field of every country.Masses nurture and sustain them. Hard working farmers feed them.Ordinary people fill their coffers.Technological advances make their life comfortable.Mass media create their larger than life images.List is endless and still these icons live in their own fool's paradise and take masses for granted.

These icons exist because masses exist--they have no separate existence anywhere.

Masses make their icons' lives prosperous and comfortable which certainly inspires these icons to be more creative and serve the society.

Creative artists in any field owe their success to hard working masses and not vice versa.

Masses do not need icons, stars , creative artists for their own survival. Fact is that these

icons need masses to support their own existence and lavish life styles.

Root cause of this is that people under-estimate their own potential and look somewhere else for inspiration Why do you need an icon when you are an icon yourself- Unique,blessed and created capable by the grace of Mother nature?

If you can not be an icon for the whole world, you are certainly able to be an icon for your family or at least yourself. Possibilities of creativity are endless.You need not be a dancer or painter or a leader. Just your existence and your small contribution to society makes you a star or an icon.You need not be creative to be creative.Just exist peacefully and work hard for prosperity--It is much more than enough to be creative

This is my sincere personal view.You need not agree to it.You may propose your view anytime.All are welcome to criticize or suggest their own point of view

Please add your comments under this blog or write to me if you wish to my email

Thanking you

Ajit Vahadane


Asso.of International motivators

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